When it comes to Korea, what is the first thing you are impressed by?

Are the songs so catchy that you never get bored? Fascinating TV series with “marvelous” actors? Or the rich cuisine with 7749 attractive dishes such as kimbap, BBQ, mixed rice,… and especially KIMCHI!

Among 187 types of kimchi, cabbage kimchi is considered the most popular and famous for being an ingredient of many special dishes such as kimchi fried rice, kimchi cake, or kimchi hot pot – a dish has just been introduced to Vietnam but has been warm reception.

???? Since the main ingredient is cabbage kimchi, kimchi hot pot has a unique flavor of Korean cuisine. The rich, spicy, and sour broth, tofu, pork belly, seafood, and fresh vegetables have blended into a hot pot of “immortal reputation” that cannot be more perfect for gatherings with friends and relatives, especially in cold weather.

???? Due to the motto “Delicious food is not waiting!”, Cholimex Food continues to capture foodie‘s hearts in general and Korean cuisine fans in particular when officially launching the “Kim Chi Hot Pot Sauce” to help your cravings for kimchi hotpot immediately!

✨ Thanks to the ingredients of cabbage kimchi, white radish, Korean chili powder, garlic, ginger, and the talented processing of Cholimex Food experts, Kim Chi Hot Pot Sauce has a mildly spicy and sour taste with kimchi aroma to make you feel the quintessence of Korean cuisine authentically.

✨ The product offers an easy way to cook delicious Korean kimchi hot pots. Last but not least, this is also a great assistant to help you create many other attractive dishes such as Beef Bean Sprouts Kimchi Soup, or Spicy Seafood Noodles.

???? Right now, Kimchi Hot Pot Sauce is officially on the shelves! Let’s pick up 1 bottle and hang out to enjoy kimchi hotpot!