????A vegetarian meal for the family will be fantastic with the trio of products that make up the “secret” braised dish recipe from Cholimex Food: Vegetarian Fish Sauce, Natural Soy Sauce, and Vegetarian Satay Sauce.

The fragrant Vegetarian Fish Sauce, combined with the rich Natural Soy Sauce and the distinctive spicy flavor of Vegetarian Satay Sauce, will make every vegetarian braised dish irresistible! Let’s try this Cholimex Food seasoning recipe on a few tasty and simple braised dishes:

???? Vegan pork roll braised with Pineapple: First, cut the Vegan pork roll into small pieces. Then, heat the pan and stir-fry the Vegan pork roll until firm, then add the Pineapple and continue stir-frying. Season a little salt, sugar, broth mix, water, and the duo of Cholimex Vegetarian Fish Sauce and Natural Soy Sauce. Finally, simmer for 5 minutes over low heat and season with a little Vegetarian Satay Sauce to taste.

???? Bitter melon braised with king oyster mushroom: Firstly, marinate the sliced mushrooms with onions, garlic, salt, sugar, and Cholimex Vegetarian Fish Sauce and Natural Soy Sauce. Then, fry shallot and garlic mince till fragrant. After that, add the mushrooms and filtered water and braise until they are tender. Finally, to the braised dish, add the bitter melon. Remember to combine it with Vegetarian Satay Sauce to enhance the taste and make it more delicious!

???? Vegetarian Jackfruit Braised: After cutting the jackfruit into bite-sized pieces, fry them in oil until the surface becomes slightly crispy. Next, place the fried jackfruit in a pot, add water, and season with sugar, chili sauce, and Cholimex Vegetarian Fish Sauce and Fermented Soy Sauce. While braising the jackfruit until it infuses the flavors, don’t forget to add Vegetarian Satay Sauce to make the braised jackfruit even more appealing!

With Cholimex vegetarian seasoning secret, there will be no more challenging vegetarian braised foods!