Passionate Red for Vietnamese kitchen

In Vietnam, professional cooks and housewives are familiar with Cholimex’s products such as soy sauce, fish sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, barbecue marinade and many other spices.

People may not have heard about the story of Cholimex Food’s journey more than 3 decades ago…

In 2009, Cholimex Food changed its brand identity and began to promote more strongly for its products and brands. The red color is both passionate and powerful, warm and vibrant as bringing a ‘soul’, a unique message of Cholimex Food, which is ‘Bringing life spice to every delicious meal’.

The story has been started already. Cholimex Food’s journey to bring life’s spice began from 1983 to 1985 with bottles of ‘branded’ Cholimex Food chili sauce. This first chili sauce product has a spicy and sweet taste, combining the typical aroma of garlic and the taste of Vietnamese consumers. However, the production level at this time was backward, manual equipment, ground by a stone mortar, and poured by hand so it did not really create a strong breakthrough. Until the period of 1992 – 1999, with the economic development of the country, Cholimex Seafood Processing, and Export Food Enterprise was invested to develop and equip the most modern chili grinder at that time. The factory has increased the capacity of Cholimex brand chili sauce from a few thousand bottles/day to about 30,000 bottles/day and started exporting to the Federal Republic of Russia, Poland, Ukraine … in large quantities. The early stages of Cholimex Food chili sauce complied with the production process, which was technically advised by the famous ketchup and chili masters a time ago, full of prestige in the world of food processing.

Dây chuyền sản xuất và chiết rót tương ớt năm 1997-1999

In 2002, Cholimex Food’s products were expanded with refined frozen foods with high added value. As a result, Cholimex Food is not only famous for chili sauce but also has frozen products such as spring rolls, shrimp, squid … meeting food safety conditions for export to the European Union (EU). This is also the period of implementing the industrialization policy, Cholimex Food’s factory of nearly 4 hectares built in Vinh Loc Industrial Park has opened a new development period. By 2009, the Vietnamese spice market received another quality product from Cholimex Food: Huong Viet soy sauce product is not only close, pure Vietnamese by the name ‘cute’, easy to remember but also main serving consumers by good quality, produced through rigorous screening standards, taste pure, natural and good for health.

From 2012 to now, the company has been incessantly creative and innovative to develop main products such as ketchup, chili sauce, soy sauce, and fish sauce but also continuously expands and diversifies the ‘world’. taste – food by a series of indispensable products on the tray of each family in Vietnam, especially Huong Viet fish sauce product is very popular on the market. Every year Cholimex Food launches new products with traditional and convenient flavors, suitable for the modern lifestyle of consumers such as barbecue sauce, char siu sauce, fish stock, meat, soy sauce concentrate naturally ferment …

Lễ trao nhận huân chương lao động hạng Nhất

Cholimex Food is known by consumers not only as a company producing spice and quality food with Vietnamese brand, but also a unit that always cooperates with every Vietnamese family and kitchen. Besides, the company has accompanied a number of culinary programs, contributing to the introduction of Vietnamese delicacies, regional specialties, Vietnamese culinary beauty … The image of a cozy Vietnamese kitchen, the rich and happy tasting of rice tray is always something that Cholimex Food’s product or program aims to.

In June 2019, Cholimex Food celebrated 36 years of formation and development. The story of a familiar brand to consumers do not just stop there, there will also be a lot of ‘June’ of the latter, so people have to remind and remember Cholimex Food – a Vietnamese brand that brings a mission to connect Vietnamese families through the rich meals of life.