The University of Finance-Marketing regularly signs cooperation agreements to expand opportunities for students’ real-world experiences at large enterprises and corporations.

The strengthening of connections with businesses, departments, and branches is no longer unfamiliar to universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City. It is the initiative and flexibility in building “win-win” relationships that helped schools fully understand the needs of employers and the labor market in many provinces, so they were able to adjust and provide teaching programs accordingly. Thanks to it, students have a more suitable practice, internship, and job environment after leaving the lecture hall.

The University of Finance-Marketing has just signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Planning and Investment of Tien Giang province and Cholimex Food JSC to create more opportunities for students to study, gain experience, and work. Accordingly, the parties will work together, exchange experiences and support to provide the school’s students with study, practice and internship programs that are practical and meet the needs of businesses and the labor market.

In addition, the two sides carried out many joint training programs and many socio-economic topics, projects, and research plans, contributing to the development of investment promotion activities and supporting local businesses. Previously, the university has signed cooperation agreements with many businesses in the fields of finance – banking, insurance, marketing, real estate, etc. A representative from the university stated that in addition to the opportunities to experience the practical environment and practice, the coordination between the university and the employer contributes to more effective career guidance.

From this fact, the school will work with businesses to exchange experiences, provide career guidance to students, as well as apply professional knowledge into practice on the basis of application software and the requirements of employers in the current period.

Strengthening the connection with businesses is also the direction chosen by Gia Dinh University to help students apply what they have learned and to minimize unemployment for newly graduated students. After many years of implementing this model, the university has now signed cooperation agreements with nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations. Thanks to this connection, the students can practice and participate in the “business semester” right from the first year.

Recently, the school signed a cooperation agreement with the Korea-Vietnam Economic Support Committee and BBPLUS KOREA Group. Before that, there was a signing agreement with six businesses, such as Vietcombank Phu Nhuan Branch, TV Media and Events Organizing Company, Gia Nguyen Advertising Co., Ltd. Dr. Mai Duc Toan, Director of the Media Admissions Center of Gia Dinh University, said that the process of internships and practices at enterprises helps students better understand the field of study they are pursuing to fill skills and knowledge gaps.

Through the program connecting the Gia Dinh University with corporations, businesses, and organizations, students are given many opportunities to get acquainted with the practical working environment. “In the first year, students are mostly introduced to the profession. In the second year, they can go on an internship at the company. By the third year, students can participate in the “enterprise semester,” which includes an internship, practical experience, or employment at the company if the employer needs it. The university is always looking for ways to help students get work experience at an enterprise as soon as possible so that they can adapt quickly and proactively approach employers. ” Mr. Toan added.

After a period of time implementing the “Companion Entrepreneurs Club,” up to now, almost every major at Ho Chi Minh City International College has had lecturers who are entrepreneurs. Not only giving lectures, these nearly 50 business lecturers also directly provide suggestions and support to edit and improve the curricula of each subject on the basis of adapting to the actual needs of businesses.

This cooperation has helped the school’s students know what specific knowledge and skills to focus on instead of general study. Participating in teaching also inspires many entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experience after many years of accumulation, and at the same time, screen out suitable “candidates” for their businesses. Increasing the practice time to 70% in the program framework helps students of Ho Chi Minh City International College have more opportunities to practice and learn from real business experiences. After equiping themselves with enough knowledge, students are provided with the most favorable conditions to go to enterprises to practice, and even employment if recruited.

Entrepreneurs are lecturers at the university, but when they return to businesses, their mission is to guide students in their practice to acquire more knowledge needed when entering the real working environment. Cooperation with about 500 businesses creates effective practice courses that help each discipline of Ho Chi Minh City International College flexibly increase or decrease the program, supplement necessary skills to help students gain confidence when they graduate into the world. In addition, businesses also support financial resources through the form of scholarships to help many good students overcome difficulties in pursuing their studies.

“Honestly, after many years of implementing this model, the quality of students’ output has improved remarkedly. Currently, 100% of our students graduate with jobs, many of them, after achieving success in work, return to share with the next class of students as business lecturer. The cooperation of “two sides” helps the university to promptly update and change so that students can better meet the increasing demands of the labor market and employers. With a lot of practice, students feel much more interested.

In the coming time, we will continue to promote this model and add more networking programs, so that students can best understand what businesses need and what they lack. ” Nguyen Dang Ly, the school’s principal, said.

Article and photo: GIA MY

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