General policy and regulations

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The website is operated by Cholimex Food Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as Cholimex Food). By accessing our website, you agree to comply with and be bound by the provisions of Cholimex Food as follows:

  1. Regulations on accounts and purchases on the website Currently, the website only posts informations about products of Cholimex Food, along with other informations related to the company. At the moment, we do not make purchases or orders on the website, so no accounts are created.
  2. Your responsibilities and rights: Cholimex Food absolutely prohibits any form of illegal intrusion, interference (or incitement to interfere) in the server system or change the structure, database of the website. If you find an error on our system, please notify us immediately by sending email to
    You are not allowed to make comments and reviews that are offensive, disruptive, or intended to damage the reputation or brand of another individual or enterprise. Any political comments (propaganda, anti-government, distort the government … ), discrimination against religion, gender, ethnicity, etc, are not allowed . All acts of impersonation, intentionally creating the confusion that you are a customer or a member of the website administrators are forbidden.

Cholimex Food highly appreciates and is ready to acknowledge comments, suggestions, or ideas of all customers to develop and improve our services.
Cholimex Food ensures that the information you provide will only be used to exchange between you and Cholimex Food, improve the quality of customer service, and will not switch to any other third party for commercial purposes.

Your information at will be kept confidential and only provided to law enforcement agencies when required under the law.

  1. Responsibilities and rights of Cholimex Food : Ensure that all informations about Cholimex Food’s products and related activities on the website of are official and correct.
    Cholimex Food will support in providing information, answering questions, solving problems and complaints.
    Without permission of Cholimex Food, all organizations and individuals using the information on the website for personal purposes are strictly banned.

To meet the needs and create favorable conditions for consumers, Cholimex Food has the right to change the content of products and information related to Cholimex Food’s activities based on considering the interests of the customers. Cholimex Food has the right to change, edit and supplement this Policy at any time, and take effect immediately when the new one is updated.