Tìm kiếm Sứ giả Ẩm thực Hải Phòng

Tìm kiếm Sứ giả Ẩm thực Hải Phòng CHOLIMEX FACTORY ADDRESS: Lot C40-43/I, C51-55/II, 7th Road, Vinh Loc Industrial Park, Binh Chanh Dist, HCMC SOCIAL: https://www.cholimexfood.com.vn/ 🌶️TƯƠNG ỚT (CHILI SAUCE): Chillies are washed, grinded and drained by machines. Ground chillies are liquified and pumped to a big container. Garlic, sugar, salt, vinegar, ketchup, preservatives are mixed in for 10 minutes before the mixture is pumped into a cooking container. Modified starch and water are mixed and then pumped to the cooking container. The cooking process takes 30 minutes. The sauce is cooled and sent [...]