“Home-cooked meals” – a meal that brings a sense of sacred family, a flavor of love that cannot be found or replaced anywhere else!

✨ This everyday little thing sometimes makes us mistakenly think that it is insignificant compared to other things, but if we sit down and think carefully, it is a part of our lives, nurturing our souls every day. Therefore, wherever we go or whatever we do, the warm and cozy home-cooked meal is always present in everyone’s heart and holds strong emotions that everyone remembers.

Whether the meal is abundant or simple, as long as there are beloved family members, the meal becomes complete and is enough to dissolve the worries in life, like a dose of spiritual medicine or a sturdy support that propels everyone forward.

? Understanding that the family meal is the catalyst that makes the bond between family members, Cholimex Food has continuously carried out the mission of accompanying and lovingly seasoning Vietnamese meals with premium spices, and high-quality and flavourful dipping sauces. From Huong Viet Fish Sauce with passionately quintessential anchovy, the naturally sweet Fermented Soy Sauce to the well-balanced and harmonious Oyster Sauce, they all have created a complete and abundant meal with various soups, savory dishes, and stir-fries. Not only does it awaken an irresistible delicious taste but also spreads the flavor of happiness and family togetherness.

On Vietnamese Family Day, Cholimex Food sends warm wishes to you and your family for good health, joy, and happiness. Always love and take care of each other to build a strong family in the face of any challenges.

Let’s join hands with Cholimex Food in the kitchen, cook a delicious meal, and enjoy precious moments with your family!