???? Vu Lan takes place on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month every year, and it is a significant festival in Vietnamese culture, carrying profound values of filial piety and gratitude towards parents. On the occasion of Vu Lan, every child expresses their filial piety to their parents in various ways, such as taking them for a health check-up, accompanying them for shopping, or gifting them a vacation.

However, our busy lives often take away the precious time we could spend with our parents. During these times, no expensive presents can cover the hole that can only be filled by family love. And a warm vegetarian meal with all the children and grandchildren present is the most meaningful gift that can make parents feel happier than ever.

???? It would be fantastic if we could cook a whole vegetarian lunch for our parents to enjoy on this Vu Lan day! You can easily create a diverse vegetarian menu with stir-fried dishes, soups, and the support of Cholimex Food vegetarian products, which bring the most natural vegetarian flavors to each dish:

???? A full set of braised dishes: If your vegetarian meal includes braised dishes, then Char Siu sauce and Pickle Soybeans from Cholimex are indispensable for braising. Simply marinate King oyster mushrooms with Charxiu sauce to create innovative and flavorful vegetarian “Char Siu” dishes. Pickle Soybeans can be a fresh choice for your meal with dishes like braised green beans with Pickle Soybeans, braised tofu with Pickle Soybeans, etc. Just a slight change in seasoning choices is enough to make the vegetarian braised dishes more flavorful, and your mother will love them.

???? Fragrant and delightful soups: If your parents enjoy something warm and comforting, then use the recipe for mushroom soup with Cholimex Mushroom Hot Pot Sauce. Mix the sauce with various types of mushrooms to create a hot and flavorful soup that guarantees to become your father’s favorite dish.

???? Nourishing stir-fried dishes: Stir-fried veggies might look basic, but they have a fascinating flavor, are easy to enjoy, and are healthful. This is due to the crisp sweetness of vegetables coupled with the natural savory flavor of Cholimex Shiitake Mushroom Vegetarian Oyster Sauce. Pick up a shiny vegetable and dip it in Soy Sauce with a few slices of chili, and the whole family will be unable to reject it.

???? This Vu Lan season, gift your parents a delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal made by your own hands as a demonstration of your love, affection, and deep respect for them!