1/ ESTABLISH (1983-1989)


Pursuant to Decision no. 73/QĐUB dated 15-Apr-1981 of People’s Committee of HCMC, District Five Direct Utilization Goods Export and Import Joint State Public and Private Partnership Company, abbreviated as Cholimex, was established.

In 1983-1985, Cholimex Seafood and Foodstuff Processing Company (Cholimexfood) – a member of Cholimex Group –  produced mostly for export, mainly raw-processed foodstuff, preliminary-treated frozen seafood and several agricultural products; its export turnover cover 70% of  the Group’s export turnover.


Cholimex Food’s executive committee started carrying out research to produce chili sauce and several frozen food items such as spring roll, prawn on sugar cane, dried cuttlefish… in order to raise its competitive advantage and also to timely meet customer’s consuming demand.


Until 1989 Cholimexfood had proved itself in chili sauce market by offering products with spicy and mild sweet taste, combine with garlic’s typical aroma; which well suited Vietnamese consumers’ appetite. However, production standard was still technologically backward: traditional equipment, millstone used for grinding, and manual sauce pouring.


2/ DEVELOP (1989 -2002)


Until 1992 Cholimexfood had been equipped with the most advanced chili grinding device at that time funded by budget of People’s Committee of District 5, which raised the production capacity from under 10,000 bottles/day to approximately 30,000 bottles/day. In early 1990s Cholimex’s chili sauce was not only well-known throughout Vietnam but also exported to Eastern Europe countries, mostly Russian Federation, Poland and Ukraine through business networks of Vietnamese who had studied and worked in those countries. Export volume at that time reached 25-30 20’DC containers per month.


In 1994, Cho Lon Investment and Import – Export Company promulgated Decision no. 03/QĐ-CT/94 dated 24-Jan-1994 which was to establish Cholimex Export Seafood and Foodstuff Processing Company – a subsidiary of Cho Lon Investment and Import – Export Company, whose headquarter located at 23 – 25 An Diem street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City.


In order to implement the state’s industrialization policy, Cholimex Export Seafood and Foodstuff Processing Company started constructing new factory in the side of approximately 4 hectares within Vinh Loc industrial park.


3/ REFORM TO DEVELOP (2002-2006)


Cholimex Export Seafood and Foodstuff Processing Company thoroughly performed 3 plans at once: re-constructing human resource structure, computerizing its operations and setting up the quality management ISO 9001:2000. In this year, the whole factory was moved to newly built one in Vinh Loc industrial park and this event marked a new phrase in Cholimexfood’s history.
Later in the year 2002 the company was certified to meet the standard of quality management ISO 9001:2000, and not long after that it obtained food safety certification which allowed company to export its products to European Union. In addition, it also set up standards to comply with HALAL regulations for Islamic countries and Kosher regulations for Jew in order to diversify its export markets.
Domestic sales agent system was consolidated and expanded throughout the country, especially from South Central to Southern provinces.
Export markets were expanded with new production strategy – producing highly processed frozen food with high added values for EU market, cutting down and then gradually eliminating the production of preliminary-treated frozen seafood.
Product and market orientations throughout this period, together with company’s attempt to re-construct its own internal structure, provided concrete base for its further great development in next following years until present.




In 2006 Cholimexfood was equitized. On 19-Jul-2006, It officially came into operation under new name as Cholimex Food Joint Stock Company. 6 years later since its equitization the turnover was 668.12 billion dongs in 2012 (of which export turnover was 220.12 billion dongs and domestic turnover was 448 billion dongs) in compare to 134.64 billion dongs of year 2007 (of which export turnover was 48.64 billion dongs and domestic turnover was 86 billion dongs), increased 500%. After-tax profit was reached 34.5 billion dongs, increased 690% in compare to year 2007 (5.01 billion dongs).


The year 2009 was a milestone of Cholimexfood, which marked by its penetration to dipping sauce market, beginning with the launch of soy sauce product to domestic market.
Huong Viet soy sauce is produced by employing strictest filtering standards, ensuring free of 3-MCPD, and these factors contribute to create a pure, aromatic, naturally flavorful and healthful Huong Viet soy sauce. At present average consuming volume stays at nearly 2,000,000 bottles per month.


Following the success of soy sauce, a fish sauce factory was built within company’s precinct. The introduction of Huong Viet fish sauce to the market had diversified company’s product range and well met customer’s demand.
It is certain to say that the completion and full operation of soy sauce and fish sauce factories were the combination of brainpower, effort, creation, diligence, striving-for-the-best spirit of Company’s executive committee and its employees, who always bear in mind the objective of adding brand name “Cholimex” into list of Vietnam’s top condiment and dipping sauce producer.

Vision to year 2020

It is estimated that the turnover of Cholimexfood will reach 1,000 billion dongs in 2014, which provides a firm impetus for its development in following years.
Cholimexfood aims to be an excellent food producer, processor and distributor with wide, plentiful ranges of products which strictly meet domestic and international food safety regulations, well fit the consuming trend of domestic and international markets.Cholimexfood aims to utilize capital, technology and experiences from all economic units regardless their backgrounds, under various kinds of economic cooperation to simultaneously develop, set up closed loop supply chain from raw material to production, supply healthful food with the best quality, ensure the ability to monitor and trace back food origin, enhance capacity of food production and processing for export, expand distributing system, and associate with educational units to train workforce for its developing requirement in period 2015-2020.