Cholimex Food has continuously won High-Quality Vietnamese Goods for 27 years – the journey to a green economy

This is a special event of the year for the business community of high-quality Vietnamese goods, a place to honor 519 businesses with high-quality products voted by consumers, including Cholimex Food.

The announcement ceremony is the 2023 Vietnamese high-quality goods festival, with the participation and meeting of trade promotion organizations, domestic and international buyers. Besides, it is also the sharing place of economic experts, leaders of the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and localities, revolving around the story: high-quality Vietnamese goods – The core components of green economy and sustainable development.

Entering the 27th year – the program of High-Quality Vietnamese Goods voted by consumers continues to promote the inherent sustainable values: promoting the key of Ho Chi Minh City; Creating the most effective motivation to launch the campaign “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods” by the Politburo; Creating a driving force for businesses to improve product quality, develop brands, increase competitive advantages, and develop sustainably; Acting as a bridge connecting the company’s products with the system of retailers; Protecting the legitimate interests of consumers; With the presence of more than 500 entrepreneurs, more than 100 guests, more than 50 press and media agencies.

Cholimex Food is honored to be selected in the list of high quality Vietnamese products for 27 consecutive years in the “Spicy Sauce Industry”. It is the happiness of the collective in general and of each individual in particular, who has made relentless efforts throughout the research and development process to bring to consumers the quality reaching international standards. This result is a valuable spiritual gift instead of words from the votes of consumers sent to businesses.