Discovering the ‘Sate Tom Mu’ Fever: What do the Japanese think about Vietnamese Shrimp Sate?”

? Oh my god, can you believe it? Vietnamese “Sa Tế Tôm”, the divine sauce is making Craze in Japan, causing many people to hunt for it to taste and experience it!

The “deep source” of the phenomenon “Sa Te To Mu” (Sa Tế Tôm) originates from the innovative fusion of raw egg mixed rice with Sa Tế Tôm XO, introduced by the 11-year-old prodigy Karui Takeda on the program ‘Sandwich Man & Dr. Aina Ashida.’ According to the young doctor, Sa Tế Tôm XO Cholimex is made from ingredients such as cooking oil, garlic, chili, and stands out with its spicy and fatty flavor, harmonizing perfectly with the raw egg mixed rice, creating a unique and captivating sensation! Moreover, the inclusion of dried shrimp contributes to the aromatic scent of seafood and enriches the hearty taste of the dish, making Sa Tế Tôm XO an excellent companion for various Japanese dishes like Kamatama noodles, fried rice, tofu, and even natto!

?Following that fantastic showing, “Sa Te To Mu” became a trending keyword many people searched for and discussed on social media, sparking lively conversations in Japan. In fact, some Japanese individuals went so far as to fervently message their Vietnamese friends to track down the “identity” of that jar of sa tế. It’s precisely due to this that Sa Tế Tôm XO Cholimex could naturally storm various shops and supermarkets in Japan, attracting a large number of people who came to purchase it, eager to experience and authenticate this versatile condiment.

⚡️ Beyond being just a phenomenon, Sa Tế Tôm XO Cholimex has truly made its mark in the Japanese market by introducing the authentic Vietnamese flavor to the locals, contributing to infusing a breath of fresh air into Japan.

As for you, have you tried this sensational masterpiece from Cholimex Food yet? Quickly pick up the jar of “Sa Te To Mu” and enjoy it with noodles, pho, soup, grilled meat, … and any other dishes you like.