? Amidst the glamorous and luxurious cityscape of Saigon, it is the humble plate of broken rice that gives a touch of unfamiliar tenderness. This dish has withstood the test of time, despite Saigon’s continuous transformation. “Saigonese eat broken rice like Hanoians eat pho” is a playful comparison that reveals if pho is the soul of Hanoi, then broken rice is a part of Saigon’s essence. Although broken rice is popular everywhere, when you come to Saigon, you must enjoy authentic Sagon broken rice to feel the fullest flavor. Gradually, from a dish exclusively for laborers, broken rice has become a symbol of Saigon’s culture and is known by international friends.

The best moment to enjoy Saigonese broken rice is when you scoop a spoonful of steaming rice, drizzle it with fragrant and spicy fish sauce, and place it on a piece of grilled ribs that still carries the smoky aroma. Add a bit of meatloaf, pork skin, and a spoonful of scallion oil. Then, slowly enjoy the harmonious combination of all these wonderful flavors. This is an experience that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who tries Saigonese broken rice for the first time.

If you enjoy broken rice at café and restaurants, you will feel the chef’s talent in marinating, then “home-made broken rice” always has its own charm. That special deliciousness may come from the joy of successfully cooking this Saigonese specialty by yourself, without difficulty or spending too much time, thanks to the assistance of convenient condiments from Cholimex Food. The “ease” here is that you just need to marinate the meat with Cholimex Barbecue Sauce, waiting for it to absorb the flavors, and then grilling it. The result is a superb piece of tender, fragrant, and flavorful grilled meat that is sure to captivate everyone.

A secret tip to make the dish more enticing is to pair it with Cholimex Oyster Sauce, giving the meat a beautiful brown glaze, making the overall presentation of the dish incredibly impressive and adding an unexpected delicious flavor.

? With Cholimex Food, showcasing your culinary skills in cooking broken rice has never been easier. Let’s get cooking and find the Saigonese flavor right in your own kitchen, everyone!