???? Spicy noodles used to be a hot trend dish in Vietnam, everyone invited each other to enjoy this dish to satisfy their curiosity about the taste of spicy noodles. The sour and spicy taste of the broth, the chewy noodles combined with kimchi and various toppings such as beef, seafood, fish balls,… have created an impressive dish.

????With an impressive flavor, suitable for Vietnamese people’s taste, spicy noodles are still a favorite dish, even more and more accepted by many people. For young people, spicy noodles are one of the dishes that satisfy hunger after school and work. Many spicy noodle restaurants today have also “upgraded” kimchi hot pot dishes for groups/families to gather together to enjoy and chat.

Let Cholimex Food “tell you” a simple spicy noodle recipe with Kim Chi Hot Pot Sauce and Super Hot Chili Sauce, in just a few minutes you will have a bowl of spicy noodles at home. The sour taste of Kim Chi Hot Pot Sauce combines perfectly with Super Hot Chili Sauce to create a flavorful highlight that will make the dish rich, fragrant with kimchi, and extremely spicy.

Quickly write down the steps to “show off your talent” in the near future:

???? Step 1: Add Kim Chi Hot Pot Sauce to the pot of water and mix well

???? Step 2: When the water boils, add kimchi and 1 spoon of Super Spicy Chili Sauce. If you can eat spicy, add a little more!

???? B3: Add favorite toppings such as beef, squid, shrimp, enokitake

???? Step 4: Wait for the water to boil, then add the noodles and wait 5 minutes for the noodles to soften, then turn off the stove

???? So you’ve completed a bowl of spicy noodles at home with just Kim Chi Hot Pot Sauce and Super Spicy Chili Sauce! Let’s get into the kitchen now!

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