Referring to Cholimex Chili Sauce, people are familiar with the special delicious taste from natural garlic chili. Over time, that flavor has been imprinted and become an indispensable part of every Vietnamese kitchen. With the motto of always listening and caring about customers’ feelings, Cholimex Food has constantly sought and developed more unique products besides familiar delicious flavors. Let’s take a look at the trio of passionate levels that captivate the fans!

? Traditional Chili Sauce: The mild spicy flavor is suitable for most palates. The product has been on the market for a long time and has become familiar with chili lovers when they just need to go to the grocery store near their house to see it right away. This flavor is remembered by the characteristic spicy aroma from the pure fresh chili and garlic, without the use of spicy powder and the smell of artificial garlic to produce every drop of smooth sauce, keeping the essence of the spicy aroma. Every dot is intoxicating.

?? Extra Hot Chili Sauce: At the 2nd level of the lusciously spicy trio, Extra Hot Chili Sauce has a naturally spicy taste, which will be a bit stronger than the Traditional Chili Sauce. This is a great choice for spicy connoisseurs looking for a new love with a slightly enhanced spicy taste, passionate enough to combine with most familiar dishes.

??? SuperHot Chili Sauce: The spicy “vedette” in the “genealogy” of Cholimex Foods chili sauce, SuperHot Chili Sauce challenges all “spicy eaters” with a deep spicy note like first love. Ingredients containing up to 60% of natural fresh chili combined with sugar, salt, vinegar and garlic bring a strong level of spice that can ignite any party, please all spicy connoisseurs. With just 1 dot, you will be immersed, 2 dots, you are ecstatic to tears overflowing the eyelids, sniffing but can’t help from dots non-stop.

Dot non-stop with the trio of brothers Cholimex Food’s delicious spicy chili sauce!