???? Eating vegetarian brings many health benefits, a proper vegetarian diet also helps prevent diseases, enhance physical condition, and improve quality of life. A well-balanced vegetarian diet will reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. On the other hand, an inadequate vegetarian diet can even lead to infections, anemia, pale skin, fatigue, and overall weakness, etc.

Therefore, vegetarians need to pay attention to supplementing enough nutrients in their meals. For example, beans and nuts help provide protein. Rice, potatoes and cereals contain a lot of carbohydrates. Don’t forget to add calcium, vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits.

If you are wondering what a nutritious vegetarian meal would be like, let Cholimex Food suggest a vegetarian menu for the day that you can easily apply right at home:

???? Morning: Start the morning with vegetarian dumplings or vegetarian spring rolls served with Natural Soy Sauce, combined with any smoothie you love to be full of energy all day long.

???? Lunch: A simple vegetarian meal, easy to cook but most of all nutritious, including stir-fried dishes with Cholimex Vegetarian Oyster Sauce such as stir-fried mushrooms, stir-fried broccoli, tofu with vegetarian oyster sauce served with white rice. Next is mustard greens soup to help balance the taste, add fiber and finally fruit for dessert.

???? Afternoon: with products from Cholimex Food, you can freely choose between frugal tofu mushroom soup from Mushroom Hot Pot Sauce or rich vegetarian sour soup from Seafood Sour Hot Pot Sauce (both can be used by vegetarians). Enjoy a bowl of hot, aromatic soup with sweet and crunchy vegetables, thus ending a complete vegetarian day!

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